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What would change if you knew exactly what to say?  How much more successful could you be if you had a pitch you were proud of?

Public speaking is a skill, & can be mastered by anyone. While it’s true that some people have a natural ability to present well, anyone willing to put in the time & effort can be incredible & achieve their goals.

Through the highly customized ElePitch Coaching Method, you can ensure that a ‚Äúbad pitch‚ÄĚ isn‚Äôt the reason you're struggling.

Customized Resources to Meet The Needs of Entrepreneurs & ESOs

Engaging Workshops

Virtual or In-Person workshops provide fresh programming for ESOs.  Bring in a new voice to elevate your founders presentation skills and overall business communications.  1:1 or Small Group Coaching add-ons available.

Experienced facilitation on topics like Customer Discovery, Persona Building, Idea Incubation, Startup Essentials, Leadership, Year-Ahead Planning, Brainstorm-to-Business, and of course, The Art of Pitching.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Pitch & Public Speaking

Startup funding is essential to grow, and the landscape is competitive.  A strategic pitch has never been more important. Dive deep into optimizing the content and visuals of your presentation. 

 Speaking on a panel or a podcast?  Leading a workshop or an important sales meeting?  Expert, unbiased feedback to prepare for every opportunity that elevates your brand and career. 

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Pitch Events & Accelerator Programs

Quality pitch events do more than put entrepreneurs on stage.  They drive engagement!  Amazing pitches are vital to event success.

Does your college or ecosystem need to step up support of local founders?  Accelerators save time and resources, build regional momentum, and move businesses forward faster.

Hire an expert to meet all your entrepreneurship support goals.

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*Game-Changing New Tool*

Pitch Tracking Journal

Developed with every entrepreneur in mind - no matter the stage, industry, or pitch experience!  

Don't present at a pitch event without this in-hand!  Most events are information, people, and feedback overload. This journal allows you to track your progress over time, while capturing personal insights and feedback from your audience.

ElePitch PowerPlayers don't leave that valuable insight on the table.  They reflect on the outcomes of each and every event.

"Thank you for creating this!" 

"It has been an absolute game-changer in my preparation."

Elevator Pitch



A quick-hitting virtual course for early stage entrepreneurs!  Learn exactly how to create a pitch that will make you stand out. 

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Soft Launch Waitlist
Early Access + 20% Off


Ground Floor

Pitch Course

An hour+  course and accompanying workbook that will help you land the funding you deserve.